Happenings and wonderful things.

IX 2016 Post Game

It’s so hard to find a way to properly encompass the four days at Illuxcon 2016. 

It’s not that for a lack of content but rather too much in so many ways. Even thinking about it now, with several hours in the car for the ride home and a full night’s sleep, I still have a hard time getting it all straight. 

The show was three full floors in a re-purposed factory building in Reading, Pennsylvania. The space has that wonderful industrial aesthetic of concrete, wood, metal, exposed infrastructure that isn’t afraid to show off it’s beauty of strength. The rafters are suffused with light, dozens and dozens of mini spotlights beaming down on the artworks below. It gives everything this wonderful soft glow. 

The people were brilliant as always, masses of skill that boggles the mind. So many creatives in one place, it’s like being a movie fanatic on a Hollywood film studio set. Everywhere you look there are superstars.

The conversations were amazing, deep, highly personal, and motivating beyond anything I experience on a regular basis. I heard more than one time that this is where all the artists come to recharge their batteries and get into gear for the next year. I am no exception; I have about a dozen ideas for new drawings, and just as many sketches. 

I’m sure in the coming weeks my brain will unpack this experience more and more, but for now it seems the only thing I can do is to hold up this magnificent golden moment and proclaim it to be so, as though it were not self-evident.